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Surf Camera
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Surf Camera

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  • The best location for the 2 1/4" squared attachment is about 1/4"  to 1/2" down from the center of your left collarbone.
  • Find a marker to mark were the two screw holes are of the attachment onto your wetsuit. Make sure your marks are horizontal from each other and lined up straight.
  • Use an ice-pick to poke one hole (either one) where your marks are from the front side of your wetsuit and don't pull it out yet. With one screw, while in the attachment back-plate, push it through from the backside of your wetsuit where the hole is you just poked as you pull the ice-pick back out. It's still a tight hole so you might have to screw the screw through your wetsuit.


NOTE: Once you tighten everything down, the holes in your wetsuit will be sealed.


  • Place the attachment over your screw on the front side and secure it with the nut without tightening it down yet.
  • Align the other hole of the attachment as close as you can to your other mark. Put the ice-pick through the screw hole of the attachment, while it's lined up, and poke your other hole through your wetsuit and follow step 3.
  • Secure it down with the 2nd nut. Tighten the nuts down to where one thread shows (3 mm wetsuit). Do not over tighten.
  • Now place the case onto the attachment at 90 degrees and rotate into place.
  • You can use the lanyard that comes with your camera but I find it a little long so I shorten it by putting a knot in the middle.
  • Place the lanyard through the orange Surf Camera float handle as you would your camera on the other end.

Take the yo-yo pull string and clip it onto the lanyard outside of your knot, (you want the yo-yo clip closest to your float handle).

The Surf Camera case has an inside bead to hold your camera in place while being pounded by 20 foot waves but will quickly eject for that quick surf photo by pulling on a floating handle (included) and can quickly insert back in so you can surf the next wave for yourself. And in case you drop your camera, don't panic, it comes with a retractable cord too.


Surf Camera case is intended for use with the Optio W30 compact camera.

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