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PF-65 EDA II Spotting Scope

PF-65 EDA II Spotting Scope

  • PF-65 EDA II Spotting Scope

Item Number: PTX 70967

Product Information:


Porro-prism, 45 degree angle type

Objective Lens:

Extra-low dispersion glass elements


5 elements, 3 groups



Focal Length:


SMC PENTAX Eyepiece Lens Magnification:

XF 12: 32.5x; XF 8.5: 46x; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 20-60x; XW 20: 19.5x; XW 14: 28x; XW 10: 39x; XW 7: 55.5x; Zoom 8-24mm: 16-48x

SMC PENTAX Eyepiece Lens Construction:

XF 12: 6 elements, 4 groups; XF 8.5: 6 elements, 4 groups; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 6 elements, 4 groups; XW 20: 6 elements, 4 groups; XW 14: 7 elements, 6 groups; XW 10: 7 elements, 6 groups; XW 7: 8 elements, 6 groups; Zoom 8-24mm: 6 elements, 4 groups

Attachment Diameter:

1.25" (31.7mm)

Real Field of View:

XF 12: 1.85 degrees; XF 8.5: 1.3 degrees; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 2.1-1.0 degrees; XW 20: 3.5 degrees; XW 14: 2.5 degrees; XW 10: 1.8 degrees; XW 7: 1.25 degrees; Zoom 8-24mm: 2.4-1.25 degrees

Apparent Field of View:

XF 12: 60 degrees; XF 8.5: 60 degrees; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 42-60 degrees; XW 20: 70 degrees; XW 14: 70 degrees; XW 10: 70 degrees; XW 7: 70 degrees; Zoom 8-24mm: 38-60 degrees

Field of View at 1000m:

XF 12: 32m; XF 8.5: 22m; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 37-17m; XW 20: 61m; XW 14: 44m; XW 10: 31m; XW 7: 21m; Zoom 8-24mm: 40-21m

Field of View at 1000 Yards:

XF 12: 96'; XF 8.5: 66'; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 111-51'; XW 20: 183'; XW 14: 132'; XW 10: 93'; XW 7: 63'; Zoom 8-24mm: 120-63'

Exit Pupil:

XF 12: 2.0mm; XF 8.5: 1.4mm; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 3.2-1.1mm; XW 20: 3.3mm; XW 14: 2.4mm; XW 10: 1.7mm; XW 7: 1.2mm; Zoom 8-24mm: 3-1.4mm

Eye Relief:

XF 12: 18mm; XF 8.5: 18mm; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 11-15mm; XW 20: 20mm; XW 14: 20mm; XW 10: 20mm; XW 7: 20mm; Zoom 8-24mm: 18-22mm

Relative Brightness:

XF 12: 4.0; XF 8.5: 1.9; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 10.2-1.2; XW 20: 10.9; XW 14: 5.7; XW 10: 2.9; XW 7: 1.4; Zoom 8-24mm: 16-1.7

Focusing Range:

Approx. 16.4' to infinity (5m to infinity)

Eyepiece Ring:


Body Color:


Waterproof (body):

Nitrogen-filled, 1m depth

Body Length, Height & Width:

10.6 x 4.7 x 3.3" (270 x 120 x 85mm)

Weight (body):

37.7 oz. (1,070g)

Filter Ring Diameter:

67mm (M67 P=0.75)

Eyepiece Dimensions - Length x Outside Diameter (mm):

XF 12: 78x43; XF 8.5: 83x43; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 88x50; XW 20: 86x61; XW 14: 97x61; XW 10: 110x61; XW 7: 120x61; Zoom 8-24mm: 144x69

Eyepiece Dimensions - Length x Outside Diameter (inches):

XF 12: 3.1x1.7; XF 8.5: 3.3x1.7; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 3.5x2.0; XW 20: 3.4x2.4; XW 14: 3.8x2.4; XW 10: 4.3x2.4; XW 7: 4.7x2.4; Zoom 8-24mm: 5.7x2.7

Eyepiece Weight (grams):

XF 12: 155g; XF 8.5: 150g; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 240g; XW 20: 355g; XW 14: 365g; XW 10: 390g; XW 7: 390g; Zoom 8-24mm: 550g

Eyepiece Weight (ounces):

XF 12: 5.5 oz.; XF 8.5: 5.3 oz.; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: 8.5 oz.; XW 20: 12.5 oz.; XW 14: 12.9 oz.; XW 10: 13.8 oz.; XW 7: 13.8 oz.; Zoom 8-24mm: 19.4 oz.

Waterproof (eyepiece):

XF 12: No; XF 8.5: No; XF Zoom 6.5-19.5mm: No; XW 20: No; XW 14: Yes (JIS Class 4 weatherproof); XW 10: Yes (JIS Class 4 weatherproof); XW 7: Yes (JIS Class 4 weatherproof); Zoom 8-24mm: Yes (JIS Class 4 weatherproof)


Objective cap, eyepiece ring cap, case

  • Enhanced optical quality over the previous 65mm scope models to give truer color rendition
  • Fully multi-coated optics reduce glare while providing maximum light transmission and color quality
  • ED optical glass elements give truer colors and a sharper image
  • Angled or straight versions to meet a variety of viewing situations
  • Aiming ridge built into the lens hood for quick subject acquisition
  • 1 1/4" eyepiece (focuser) housing accepts any PENTAX eyepiece from a 20x-60x zoom, to a host of prime (fixed focal length) high-quality PENTAX eyepieces.
  • Waterproof and nitrogen-filled to handle the most extreme weather conditions
  • Built-in sunshade slides out to prevent glare and flare
  • Rotating tripod mounting collar allows the user to position the scope for comfortable viewing
  • Full rubber housing protects the scope from shock and protects internal components.

The PENTAX angled PF-65ED-A II spotting scope features a 45-degree slanted lens barrel for comfortable viewing in just about any situation. This scope is designed for high-precision outdoor viewing, along with enhanced optical quality which provides truer color tones. With porro-prism optics and a 65mm objective lens with extra-low dispersion optical elements, it delivers sharp, high-contrast images. Viewing in inclement weather won't be a problem as the PF-65ED-A II is waterproof and nitrogen filled (JIS Class 6).

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