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FLUCARD Memory Card FOR PENTAX Camera 16GB O-FC1

FLUCARD Memory Card FOR PENTAX Camera 16GB O-FC1


Item Number: PTX 38610

Product Information:

Storage Capacity: 16 GB
SD Standards: SD Memory Card Physical Layer Version 4.10
SD Speed: Class Class 10
Wireless Standards: IEEE802.11b/g/n
Security: Open WPA2
Transmission Method: DSSS (IEEE 802.11b) OFDM (IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n)
Range (line of sight): Approx. 7.5 m
Communications Speed: 54 Mbps
Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz band (channels: Ch 1 to Ch 11)
Connection Method: Card access point mode
Power Consumed: Approx. 1.7 W (max.)
Operating Temperature Range: 0–40°C
Size: Approx. 32 mm (L) x 24 mm (W) x 2.1 mm (H)
Weight: Approx. 4 g
Antenna: Built-in type
Buzzer: Built-in type

This item will be available in March.

Newly developed for PENTAX digital SLR cameras, this SDHC memory card offers wireless LAN connection to a compatible smartphone. Via a designated Web browser, the user can inspect a live-view image, release the camera's shutter, shift the AF sensor point, and check images recorded on the card using the smartphone screen.


Flexible live-view shooting

  • Effortless low- and high-angle shooting: Since you can capture extremely low- and high-angle images from a comfortable shooting position, you can exploit new, eye-catching angles to dramatize your images.
  • Natural expressions of children and animals: Set the camera on a tripod, then release the shutter from a distance. You can capture natural, relaxed expressions of your sensitive subjects without them even noticing.
  • Easy image confirmation on a larger screen: On a larger tablet computer screen, you can check the entire image in greater detail, even at the corners. This is an outstanding benefit for your shooting, not only in scenic photography, but also in still-life photography of flowers and other small subjects.


An array of handy functions

  • Live-view display on a smartphone screen, with remote shutter-release function: You can release the camera's shutter from a distance, while watching a live-view image on your smartphone or tablet computer.
  • Effortless fingertip control of focus and exposure: The camera's AF system is activated when you touch the point on the screen where you want to optimize the focus. You can even adjust the exposure and ISO settings with fingertip control.
  • Easy check of captured images on a smartphone screen: You can recall thumbnails of images recorded on the memory card on your smartphone screen. When you find the desired image, you can transfer its data wirelessly and store it on your smartphone.*

* The amount of time required for image data transfer and storage may vary, depending on the data volume.

Easy interface with a smartphone or tablet computer

  • Insert the O-FC1 in the camera's memory card slot.
  • Select "FLUCARD-for-PENTAX" from the list of access points.
  • Enter the security code.
  • Access the menu screen to input desired settings.


Shooting: Simple touch-screen control of the camera operation

  • The shutter speed, aperture value, exposure compensation value, and ISO sensitivity are adjustable.
  • Tap the magnify icon to magnify the image by eight times.
  • AF Mode: The point tapped on in the live-view image is automatically focused.
  • Camera mode: After the point tapped on in the live-view image is automatically focused, the shutter is automatically released.


Compatible devices: smartphones and tablet computers running iOS and Android operating systems.

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