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PENTAX 07 Mount Shield Lens for Q-Series Cameras

PENTAX 07 Mount Shield Lens for Q-Series Cameras

  • PENTAX 07 Mount Shield Lens for Q-Series Cameras
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Item Number: PTX 22267

Product Information:

Bring an interesting perspective to life with the 07 Shield Mount Lens. As the seventh member of the Q-family lens mount, the 07 lens produces a truly unique and timeless visual effect, comparable to the original pin-hole camera, with a fixed aperture of F9 and a focal length of 11.5 mm (or 53mm in 35mm format), for an extra-ordinary image with distinctively velvety edges. Bring bokeh up a notch and effortlessly capture portraits, and casual, fun snapshots with gorgeous blurring effects in a larger area of the image's borders. With a focusing range of approximately 0.7-2m, your still life shots and macro photography will have a whole new look and feel, almost dream-like. This extremely small, compact lens, weighing a mere 8 grams, resembles a tiny Q series body cap, and is perfect for everyday pocket-able fun, and travel photography.

  • 11.5 mm focal length (53mm in the 35 mm format)
  • F9
  • Broader Bokeh effect
  • Super Compact & Ultra Lightweight
What's in the Box
  • PENTAX 07 Mount Shield Lens for Q-Series Cameras

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