O-CC120 Leather Pouch

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Item Number: PTX 38909

Product Information:

World-famous Austrian-born industrial designer Marc Newson has created a wide range of molded and sculpted objects encompassing furniture and home appliances to bicycles, automobiles, aircraft and yachts. Now he brings his years of world-class design expertise to the O-CC120, his first-ever photographic-pouch design.

This exquisite case is a gorgeous, chocolate-hued deerskin pouch with ynthetic-leather lining. This outstanding, finely designed case bears Newson's embossed signature and is a true collector’s item. Available in extremely limited quantities (and shipped in a Marc Newson-designed box), it measures 157mm W x 87mm H x 60mm D and has been designed specifically for the K-01 camera with the DA 40mm XS lens mounted.

Care Instructions: Simply bush off any dust. Should the case become badly stained, it may be gently wiped clean with a well wrung-out towel, then dried in a well-ventilated, shady spot. Pouch should be stored in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Please note: There is no serial number on this case. There is no warranty on this product. Damage due to wear in normal use is not covered under warranty. No exchanges/replacements/refunds.